Centre for Nature and Wildlife Conservation

We are an average Hungarian family, but with an above-the-average passion for nature and wildlife.

We realised that if we want to show others the wonders of nature, we have to preserve them. To preserve them, we have to protect them. In order to be able to protect them, we first have to come to know them. If we want to know them, we have to learn about them as much as possible. Finally, if we gathered a lot of knowledge about them, we have to pass our knowledge to others, since only by knowing the wonders of nature, people can take care of and protect them.

With this objective in mind and long years of hard work, in the forest of Pázmánd (Hungary), we have created the Centre for Nature and Wildlife Conservation, which, we hope, will be a long-term shelter for animals and humans alike. During our work, the struggles with the public authorities and the construction of the site, we have acquired wildlife-engineering degrees, thus we are able to provide high quality information and expert guidance for our visitors. Our goal is to present the national wildlife within their natural conditions (without building or maintaining fences), in an island-like forest area (separated from the surrounding agricultural areas) for educational and research purposes, where more than 115 (!) protected species of animals found shelter.

We can offer accommodation for ecotourists in a building which in itself incarnates an environmentally friendly household (drilled wells, ecofriendly waste water treatment, geothermal heat pump, separate waste treatment, minimised use of chemicals). Our income is entirely spent on developing the surrounding habitat area. Our long-term objectives are to expand the borders of the area, obtain its protected status and enter it into the green corridor system, all by reaching out to financial supporters.

Our Naturalist Club was established on 29 august 2008, providing nature knowledge related training for local children. We do as much field work as possible where children can get familiar with the flora and fauna of our country and with the complexity of the natural world around us, meanwhile they can get insight into the work of wildlife biologists, wildlife managers and foresters. Our programs always depend on actual weather conditions and natural processes. We spend a lot of time outdoors, we help to keep our local environment clean and take part in tree plantings as well as in environmental competitions. When the weather is bad we study for competitions and watch films about environment protection. During the summer holiday we meet in nature, wildlife biology and wildlife management camps. Our goal is to teach children about our local environment and about the mechanisms of different ecosystems, as well as about the influence of human activity on environment. We would like them to become mindful adults, who respect all the living and non-living creatures of Earth and we also urge them to continue their studies in the field of natural sciences.

Our club joined the Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots network at the beggining of 2011. Later on we convinced the local Youth Club and local Community Club to join us, so by now even the 6-50 year-old inhabitants of Pázmánd represent themselves in our environmental movement.

On the occasion of Earth Hour, we prepared awareness-raising posters to show how we can protect our Planet’s environment:


On Earth Day, we planted a row of shrubs with flowering plants, while the members of the Social Club cleaned up a nearby lake.

In return for their annual help, at the end of August, the volunteering children could camp in the hunting-lodge of Lovasberény: excursions, wildlife watching, playing guitar around the campfire, night patrols and getting acquainted with Hungarian wildlife species were among the programmes of their camp.

At the end of year 2012, upon request by parents, our Forest Kindergarten was opened, where children can enter the “Forest Fairy’s” realm. 

                                                                                                      Piroska Szarka

                                                                                                     wildlife manager